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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: LexisNexis

LexisNexisÂź CoplogicTM Solutions Professional Services Group is pleased to serve as a Platinum Sponsor for this year’s ATSIP Traffic Records Forum. Coplogic has been providing crash and citation software solutions since 1998 and has developed strong statewide partnerships, providing comprehensive statewide traffic records solutions to ten states and counting. We also offer consultant services, providing […]

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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: Trancite Logic Systems

Trancite Logic Systems is a Boise-based software company that develops and delivers the easiest to use, easiest to train, and most widely-deployed crash and crime scene diagramming tools into the DOD, DHS and United States Law Enforcement Community. Trancite products, such as EasyStreet Drawℱ and ScenePDℱ, are commonly used throughout the United States and in

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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: Numetric

Numetric, a Traffic Safety Analytics Solution Provider, empowers state and local agencies to achieve greater confidence and consensus around resource investment decisions and save more lives on our roadways. It accomplishes this through its off-the-shelf, configurable, cloud-based Traffic Safety Analytics Platform and its suite of easy-to-use applications which are purpose-built to allow agencies to perform

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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: Tyler Technologies

In today’s digital world it is more important than ever that public safety data and information be shared among departments, between agencies and across jurisdictions. From initial dispatch through final disposition, Tyler Technologies leads the way in integrated public safety and criminal justice solutions. Learn more at: https://www.tylertech.com/ Tyler Technologies Dani McArthur (972) 713-3770 dani.mcarthur@tylertech.com Tyler Technologies is

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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: Pd’ Programming

Pd’ Programming has been producing the most powerful crash records analysis software for over 30 years. Our Crash Magic product provides hot spot location, summaries, presentation graphics, pin maps and yes, the best automated collision diagrams possible. Gather data using route-milepost, address, intersection, node, latitude & longitude, or even use your own ad-hoc query. New

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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: TBL Systems

TBL Systems, Thin Blue Line Reporting is your Total Traffic Records Solution: TBL Systems (Thin Blue Line Reporting- www.tblsys.com) provides the latest in mobile-optimized, Cloud Based solutions for Crash Reporting, eCitation and other Traffic and Case reports. The updated technology infrastructure allows for a seamless and simple rollout when compared to “Legacy”, purpose-built eCitation and

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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: NexGen Public Safety Solutions

For over 20 years, Nexgen Public Safety Solutions has set the standard in law enforcement software and technology, and that comes from our dedicated team of experienced professionals. We take pride in providing full-inclusive solutions that integrate with your real-time 911 data to better serve police, fire, and EMS. Learn more at: https://www.nexgenpss.com/ NexGen Public Safety

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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: ITIS Corp

Integrated Transportation Information Solutions (ITIS) Corporation is a computer services and software engineering consulting firm, with specialized expertise in Transportation and Safety. Its flagship products are its “Safety Portal” and “Incident Gao-Location System”. The Safety Portal enterprise provides most complete “end to end” solution in the industry. The incident gee-location  system can dramatically improve crash location for all

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2019 Sponsor Spotlight: AgileAssets

AgileAssets is a leading global provider of transportation asset lifecycle management software for public and private organizations. From advanced analytics and strategic decision-making to day-to-day maintenance operations for pavements, bridges, and other roadway assets, AgileAssets enterprise solutions support the complete management of integrated asset portfolios, helping agencies to deliver safer, more reliable transportation networks while

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