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John McDonough

There was a general question about comments within the ballot. Response below:

If I like something but want changes, do I select affirmative with comment or negative? Either way I’ll add my comments, but I wasn’t sure. Right now I have it as affirmative with comment, but I wanted to check before I submit. Thanks!

Response: If the changes are significant and substantive and without them you don’t agree with the change, then I suggest negative. If you agree with the change in general content and intent, and your changes are editorial, suggested additions for clarity, re-wording, etc., then I suggest affirmative with comment.
All comments will be considered. However, procedurally, for every negative vote with comments we have to respond in writing to try to resolve the objection and document all of the conversation for ANSI.
I wasn’t sure how this first voting batch would go and I didn’t want to suggest how people should vote ahead. If we get a lot of negative votes this round for things like “add a comma” or “example 1 should be example 2,” I am going to have to clarify it for the group. It is just hard to get 25 busy people from across the country on one call.


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