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    Posted: Aug/24/2018 at 3:24pm – author:Kellee_TSASS
    3.1.1 introduction: The purpose of this classification is to describe the most severe injury to any person involved in a road vehicle traffic crash.
    3.1.2 categories: There are five mutually exclusive categories for classification of injured persons. In order of precedence, these are:
    • person with fatal injury
    • person with suspected serious injury
    • person with suspected minor injury
    • person with possible injury
    • person with no apparent injury
    3.1.3 time of classification: Injuries should be classified on the basis of conditions at the scene of the crash. The single exception to this rule applies to fatal injuries. If any injury results in death within a specified period after the road vehicle crash in which the injury occurred, the injury classification should be changed to fatal injury. For general use in the administration of highway safety programs, the specified period is 30 days. This 30-day fatality counting rule is suitable for most applications, but other fatality counting rules are sometimes needed to meet specialized requirements. A 12-month rule for counting fatalities is used under World Health Organization procedures adopted for vital statistics reporting in the United States. Experience indicates that, of the deaths from motor vehicle crashes which occur within 12 months of those crashes, about 99.5 percent occur within 90 days and about 98.0 percent occur within 30 days.
    3.1.4 guide to classification: The injury classification applies to any person involved in road vehicle crashes while either in or out of a road vehicle. The categories are so defined that, for the most part, neither medical attention nor special tests are required for classification. Classification usually can be done by ordinary observation at the time of the crash or from information submitted on the crash report.
    3.1.5 additional guides for fatal injuries: The underlying cause of death recorded in the medical certification part of the death certificate determines whether or not a death is classified as a fatal injury resulting from a road vehicle crash. Instructions for interpretation of information reported on death certificates are too detailed for inclusion in this manual. Normally, the medical examiner or coroner will be the final authority on matters pertaining to cause of death whether or not an autopsy is performed.
    3.1.6 alternate injury scale: A more detailed scale for recording injuries by type and severity is available in The Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS), a publication of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine.
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