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Posted: Jun/06/2016 at 4:16pm – author: sweissman

Issue: In the introduction, ANSI D16 references the Uniform Vehicle Code (UVC) and the MUTCD (cir. 1989). According to the NCUTCD 20 Year Strategic Plan, the UVC has not been maintained since 2000 when last updated and will not be in the future. The MUTCD version is 3 editions outdated, and some of the definitions in MUTCD are linked back to the UVC.

Proposed solution: I propose we:
Eliminate all references to the UVC;
Eliminate all references to definitions ‘housed’ within MUTCD that are linked back to UVC;
Only keep references to definitions actually contained within MUTCD; and
Any definitions linked back or contained in UVC, brought into ANSI D16 and maintained here.

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