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Posted: Jun/06/2016 at 4:10pm – author: sweissman

Issue: Number of lanes definition is inconsistent between MMUCC and FARS, and is not defined in ANSI D16. The MMUCC 4th Edition did not include turning lanes in the definition of the total number of lanes in the roadway, while FARS does.

Proposed Solution: To be consistent with the proposed changes to MMUCC, the definition of total lanes in roadway should be added to the new edition of ANSI D16. The new definition would be:

Definition: Total number of lanes in the roadway on which this motor vehicle was traveling. A roadway is one part of a divided trafficway or, if undivided, the same as the trafficway. The number of lanes include turn bays, acceleration, deceleration, or center 2-way left turn lanes if in cross section of roadway and not physically separated. However, the number of lanes counted does not include any lanes unusable by restriction of the right-of-way (e.g. closed due to construction).

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