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Posted: Jun/07/2016 at 2:56pm – author:dflemons

This thread is getting confusing because I am replying to seymoursterns 1st reply regarding Total Lanes in Roadway then to his reply concerning Road, Roadway, Traveledway. I may not have been clear.

I am saying we do not need to go to D16.1 to resolve a data collection system’s choice to vary from MMUCC, especially when it can simply be pointed out that there is a variance. Definition is not the issue here.

I am contending we need no definition in D16.1 for Total Lanes in Roadway for the reasons given in my original post.

I am also contending (in response to seymourstern’s 2nd post) the current D16.1 definitions for Trafficway, Road, Shoulder, Roadway, Roadside, etc. are sufficient, necessary, have stood the test of time and have not been a source of great confusion or contention with any other definitions in all this time. They have served us well and changing them now would have more of a disrupting effect than a stabilizing one.

Dennis Flemons
Department of Transportation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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