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Posted: Jun/06/2016 at 4:19pm – author: sweissman

2.2.41 Definition – Non-Motorist

Issue:  The existing ANSI D16 and MMUCC 4th Edition of non-motorist include occupants of motor vehicles not in transport, alongside pedestrians/pedalcyclists/etc. FARS does not combine occupants of motor vehicles not in transport with non-motorists; instead, FARS separates persons into the following two categories (according to the draft 2016 coding manual):

  • Person (Motor Vehicle Occupant) Level
  • Person (Not a Motor Vehicle Occupant) Level
The FARS 2016 coding manual entry for “P3.  Vehicle Number – Person Level (MV Occupant)” includes this remark:
“001-999 is used for motor vehicle occupants (In-Transport, Parked/Stopped Off Roadway/Working Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicles in Motion Outside the Trafficway)”
Additionally, including occupants of MVs not-in-transport distorts non-motorist data since the essence of a non-motorist is not having protection during a crash (i.e. vehicle). Non-motorists and motorists of MVs not-in-transport require different countermeasures and safety programs. They should NOT be combined.
Proposed solution:  Move inclusion item “Occupants of transport vehicles not in-transport” from 2.2.41 (non-motorist) to 2.2.35 (occupant). 
Note:  For those individuals worried this might muddy the data waters for occupants of MVs not-in-transport, please consider that MMUCC 4th Edition alone includes 5 elements where “parked MV” or similar may be coded. This group will not be lost.
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