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Posted: Jul/05/2016 at 11:48am – author: jvecchi

Mr. Flemons: I understand Ms. Weissman’s concern that the classification of persons in MVs not in transport are grouped inappropriately with non-motorists from the standpoint of safety equipment use and countermeasures. The chart that you have prepared makes it obvious that this group is generally in a category of its own.
Of all “people in motor vehicles” the person in a vehicle not in transport is the only non-motorist.
Ms. Weissman suggests moving persons in this situation from the status of “non-motorist” to “occupant.”
I’m not sure I understand your alternative: You indicate that you want to add the person in a MV not in transport to the occupant category, in addition to leaving that person in the non-motorist category. While I realize that there are many classifications in ANSI D.16 that are not mutually exclusive, is that an important factor here? In terms of countermeasure development, it would seem that having this person in both categories could skew the results.

So, to both of you, is there a better solution, i.e., to develop another category, non-motorist MV occupant? or will it suffice to have this person fall into either category or both as suggested?

Joan vecchi,
Project Manager

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