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Posted: May/12/2016 at 7:34pm – author: jvecchi
In order to provide uniformity in reporting and to comply with the 3/15/2016 final rule regarding National Performance Management Measures: Highway Safety Improvement Program, 23 CFR, Part 490 ANSI will change its injury severity descriptions to comport with MMUCC 4th edition definitions as follows:

Fatal injury (K): Any injury that results in death within 30 days after the motor vehicle crash in which the injury occurred. If the person did not die at the scene but died within 30 days of the motor vehicle crash in which the injury occurred, the injury classification should be changed from the attribute previously assigned to the attribute “Fatal Injury.”
Suspected serious injury (A): an injury other than fatal which results in one or more of the following: Severe laceration resulting in exposure of underlying tissues/muscle/organs or resulting in significant loss of blood, broken or distorted extremity (arm or leg), crush injuries, suspected skull, chest or abdominal injury other than bruises or minor lacerations, significant burns (second and third degree burns over 10% or more of the body), unconsciousness when taken from the crash scene, or paralysis.
Suspected minor injury (B): any injury that is evident at the scene of the crash, other than fatal or serious injuries. Examples include lump on the head, abrasions, bruises, minor lacerations (cuts on the skin surface with minimal bleeding and no exposure of deeper tissue/muscle.)
Possible injury ( C): any injury reported or claimed which is not a fatal, suspected serious or suspected minor injury. Examples include momentary loss of consciousness, claim of injury, limping, or complaint of pain or nausea. Possible injuries are those which are reported by the person or are indicated by his/her behavior, but no wounds or injuries are readily evident.
No apparent injury (O): No apparent injury is a situation where there is no reason to believe that the person received any bodily harm from the motor vehicle crash. There is no physical evidence of injury and the person does not report any change in normal function.
Joan vecchi,
Project Manager
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