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Posted: May/12/2016 at 3:44pm – author: seymourstern

2.4.4 unstabilized situation


Example 9.) A motor vehicle in-transport brakes, attempting to avoid a pedestrian crossing the roadway. The motor vehicle in-transport strikes the pedestrian. At the same time (i.e., when the first vehicle started to brake and before it came to rest), a second motor vehicle in-transport swerves to avoid a collision with the braking vehicle, striking a utility pole. The two motor vehicles in-transport do not strike each other, but these events are all within one unstabilized situation.


Under 2.4.4, unstabilized situation, example 9.) describes a situation where two vehicles have no mutual contact yet are part of one unstabilized situation. However, no other crash component (another traffic unit) is not given the same consideration.  If we replace a bicyclist with the second motor vehicle described in “Example 9.)” with the same outcome resulting, the bicyclist is normally not considered part of the crash.


This is not described in D16. I have mixed feelings about expanding this to other types of traffic units, however the only other conclusion is to eliminate the described example and therefore require some contact between traffic units in a crash.


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