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Posted: May/12/2016 at 5:42pm – author: jvecchi
What you’re describing–potentially replacing the vehicle with a bicyclist, who then strikes a utility pole– is a situation where the secondary collision is not a motor vehicle accident, because no motor vehicle in transport is involved.  Part of this goes back to a solid definition of the term accident/crash.  In 2.4.12 A motor vehicle accident is an accident that involves a motor vehicle in transport… and results in injury and / or damage.

When you say, no other traffic unit is given the same consideration, that’s only true if that other traffic unit is not a motor vehicle in transport.
There are many types of crashes described in this standard that do not involve collisions. So, a collision is not a necessity, only a motor vehicle in transport.  If a bicycle strikes a legally parked motor vehicle, you’re in the same boat: Its a non-traffic accident/crash.
I have noted several comments which indicate that there is some issue with understanding of the unstabilized situation, which is essentially nothing more than loss of control.  I’d certainly welcome a more user-friendly definition of unstabilized situation if anyone has one.
Joan vecchi,
Project Manager
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