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Posted: Aug/17/2016 at 11:23pm – author: jvecchi
Mike:  My response was to the incident where the vehicle braked to avoid the pedestrian and the vehicle behind it swerved to avoid the collision and struck a light post.  

I would consider that situation two events because I believe that the fact that the following vehicle was not able to stop in time was not necessarily related to the first person’s inability to stop.  My training was always that each driver has an independent responsibility to control his/her vehicle so that if the vehicle you’re following stops suddenly, you should have left adequate space between the vehicles to come to a stop without colliding.  Had the driver of the first vehicle swerved into the adjacent lane and caused the driver of the 2nd vehicle to have to swerve to avoid a collision, that would have been a single unstabilized situation, based on my police training.   
From my perspective, it would be difficult to find a starting and stopping point for an unstabilized situation in heavy traffic if vehicles were travelling highway speeds, but suddenly slowed and somewhere back in the pack there were rear-end collisions.  I would see the first driver/vehicle involved in a collision as the first unstabilized situation.  I would not have listed the vehicle that hit the pedestrian as a non-contact vehicle for the second collision with the light pole.
Joan vecchi,
Project Manager


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