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Posted: Aug/19/2016 at 4:36pm – author:jdolan
Originally posted by mmcdonald mmcdonald wrote:

I actually agree with these definitions of “intersection” probably because this is the precise definition we were taught in the police academy even as far back as 1978.  It may not seem to be by some, but it is simple and easy to understand; especially for cops!  Smile

The current ANSI definition and the MUTCD definition are not too much different. The two primary differences seem to be:
  1. The treatment of signalized junctions. Under MUTCD, signalized driveway access would be an intersection, while this is specifically excluded from the ANSI definition. 
  2. Also, under certain conditions, two junctions that are more than 10 meters apart could be regarded as one intersection. ANSI does not address these situations.

I am torn on this one. As a data scientist, I prefer specificity over generality. However, I suspect a more complex definition than the current one probably won’t do much to enhance our understanding of intersection crashes. It would conflict with the MMUCC standard, and for the cops who pay attention to the change, increase the complexity of the crash investigation. I think I’ve talked myself into keeping the current definition, perhaps with the addition of signalized driveway accesses, many of which I’ll bet are already being reported as intersections.


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