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Posted: Jun/14/2016 at 4:02pm – author:Mark Pritchard

3.10.2 (Automobile Classification by Size) Categories D16 uses wheelbase length for Automobile Classification. Federal rules class size by interior volume as defined in the U.S. by environmental laws in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40—Protection of Environment, Section 600.315-82 Classes of comparable automobiles.


1. The shape of cars has changed over the years, smaller cars now tend to have the wheels pushed to the corners. e.g. a Ford Focus is usually classified as Mid-sized and a Ford Taurus is classified as Full-sized. They both have a 112 inch wheelbase so are both classified as a Full Size by D16. Would the interior size provide a better classification or is the wheelbase definition still applicable?

2. If the wheelbase classification is still needed, should an additional interior space categorization be added to match the federal rules?

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