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Posted: May/27/2016 at 9:37pm – author:mthompson
I find the challenge of providing support for one term or the other is the seemingly interchangeability of the terms “crash” and “accident.”  ANSI has predominantly used the term “accident,” whereas MMUCC more frequently uses the term “crash.” Valid arguments could be made on both sides, suggesting a crash more clearly defines an incident that results in property damage and/or injury. However, “accident” may more closely align with the principle description of an unstabilized situation – one which is not under human control. Thus the more common use of “accident,” meaning not done intentionally. Though certainly we realize these incidents in most cases could be avoidable.

Because of this I would support the idea that this revision be used to standardize a single term.  And due to the more common use of the term “crash,” I would suggest that it become the standard and used in place of “accident” in this revised guideline, and any future defining of motor vehicle traffic incidents be consistent with this terminology.


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