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Posted: Jul/18/2016 at 12:42pm – author:Kellee_TSASS
I am attaching the current version of D.16 with changes from accident to crash.  In changing the terminology, I did not feel that ATSIP has either the expertise or the authority to change the term in regard to aircraft, watercraft or railway accidents.  I did, however, change the term in cases related to road vehicle crashes.  This includes other-road-vehicle crashes and street car crashes.  Please review and advise if the current changes are adequate, or have overstepped the bounds of this consensus body.  Other-road-vehicles and street cars were issues that I questioned.  Thanks for your review and comments related to the changes in this document.uploads/4/ANSI_D.16_-_CrashVSAccident-doc.doc


Joan Vecchi

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