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    Posted: Sep/24/2018 at 12:12pm – Author:jvecchi
The 8th edition updated the definitions associated with injuries related to the KABCO set. 

Suggest that in 2.3.4 suspected serious injury (A), 2.3.5 Suspected minor injury (B), additional examples are provided to make these two classification more easily determined.  
Crush injuries versus broken bones. If bones were broken as a result of a crush injury, is there a             difference in classification?
Broken or distorted extremity (arm or leg) –does distorted describe a displaced or compound fracture or  swelling that substantially changes the shape of the affected extremity? 
Examples in 2.3.5 leave too much room for interpretation.
Perhaps some our friends in the Injury Surveillance community could help answer these questions.
Joan vecchi,
Project Manager
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