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Posted: Aug/27/2018 at 1:06pm – author:Kellee_TSASS
3.12 Motorcycle Classification by Type 
3.12.1 introduction: The purpose of this classification is to describe the type of motorcycle involved in a motor vehicle  crash. 
3.12.2 categories: Categories of motorcycle include: 
• Large motorcycle (See
• Motor-driven cycle (See
• Autocycle (See
• Speed-limited motor-driven cycle (See
 Moped (See
 Other speed-limited motor-driven cycle
 Other motor-driven cycle 
3.12.3 general: Motorcycles include a broad range of transport devices. To support traffic safety programs, it is desirable that motor vehicle crash records permit distinction at least between large motorcycles and motor-driven cycles. Where distinctive license plates are used for motor-driven cycles, speed-limited motor-driven cycles, or mopeds, they facilitate accurate identification of these vehicles. 


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