A Data-Driven Approach to HSIP Performance Measure Target Planning for MPO’s


This presentation will give an overview of the processes used by LSU’s Highway Safety Research Group in creating a tool which can be used for the estimation of the five Safety PM Final Rule performance measures at the MPO level. We will discuss GIS processes including crash map spotting and VMT estimation, the SQL process flow used in the assignment of crashes to an MPO area, and the overall layout and design process of the target planning tool.


David Whitchurch | Business Analytics Manager | Highway Safety Research Group

David received his M.S., Analytics degree from Louisiana State University and works at LSU’s Highway Safety Research Group where his job includes developing, updating, and maintaining data analytics applications and reporting services solutions.

Bethany Campbell | GIS Analyst | LSU – Highway Safety Research Group

Bethany Campbell received her degree in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University. Since 2013 she has worked as a GIS Specialist for the LSU Highway Safety Research Group. Her work at HSRG involves GIS mapping and the development of various crash data visualizations to help agencies across the state understand and identify their crash statistics and problematic crash locations.

Jeannine Childers | | LSU – Highway Safety Research Group

Jeannine Childers is an outreach coordinator for the Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Her goal is to support stakeholders served by Louisiana State University’s Highway Safety Research Group. Jeannine received her MBA degree from LSU-Shreveport and has a diverse background which includes roles in business consulting and operations management. Her current role at HSRG includes communicating data needs to various stakeholders, strategic planning, and project management.

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Session B – San Marcos
David Whitchurch

Session B – San Marcos
David Whitchurch

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