Alabama SAFETY Portal: Crash data visualization and Hotspot Analysis


The State of Alabama has achieved 100% electronic crash (eCrash) reporting. Complete eCrash reporting allows near real-time analysis for various stakeholders. The Alabama SAFETY Portal supports these stakeholders with differing information needs providing, for example, Hotspot Analysis, data analysis, state property damage reports, and various federal reporting needs. The Alabama SAFETY Portal users include state DOT; city/county Engineers; regional and metropolitan planning organizations; local/state law enforcement; AL Office of Highway Safety. This presentation demonstrates the many analysis, visualization and reporting features available to the different users. The visualization component will highlight map-based Hotspot Analysis.


Jesse Norris | Project Manager | Center for Advance Public Safety/Univ. of Alabama

Jesse Norris is a Project Manager at CAPS on the University of Alabama campus. Jesse currently provides in-depth data analysis for the state of Alabama. Traffic and crash data has been his specialty for the past 10 years. He conducts yearly programs, crash facts books, and specialized training for state and local agencies. He is a published co-author for his work with Trends in Alabama Teen Driving.


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Session B – San Marcos
Jesse Norris

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