Applications of Enterprise GIS for Transportation (AEGIST)


This presentation cover the AEGIST project that aims to help improve the All Roads Network of Linear Data (ARNOLD) as the authoritative, national highway network basemap to serve a multitude of business units. For safety, the project seeks to standardized practices for managing and integrating safety data across State and local agencies by insuring States have a uniform, all public road base maps for geolocation of crash, roadway (MIRE-FDE), and traffic counts to support safety analysis and evaluation capabilities. FHWA is leveraging ARNOLD for HEPGIS (Planning’s online GIS program), project level analysis, NHS, Performance Based Planning, Transportation Demand Modeling Programs, the NHPN (National Highway Planning Network) and others.


Joseph Hausman | Senior Transportation Systems Planner | Federal Highway Administration

Joe Hausman Has a BA degree in geography (GIS) and master’s degree in City and Regional Planning both from The Ohio State University. Joe Has worked over 30 years in the public sector, first he spent 5 years as a Transportation Planner at the Franklin County Engineers Office (Columbus Ohio). Following the local government stint, Joe was the Roadway Information Manager for The Ohio Department of Transportation (Columbus, Ohio) for seventeen years. For the past 9 years Joe has worked at FHWA headquarters in Washington, DC, the first 7 years on the HPMS team in the Office of Policy, and for the last 3 years as a senior community planner in the Office of Planning.

Stuart Thompson | Transportation Specialist | Federal Highway Administration


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