Challenges and Solutions for Building an Automated Geospatial Roadway Intersection Database


Intersections are a critical element of any roadway traffic data system required to support mapping and analysis of crashes and citations. This presentation describes the method developed to programmatically build a geospatial intersection database for the State of Florida to support Signal Four Analytics, a statewide web-based analytical system that integrates roadway, crash and citation data. The presentation covers the inherent challenges and solutions of dealing with a large roadway map of over 1.8 million links that uses a dual-carriage way model and with intersections of various configurations and turning lanes. The presentation includes solutions for handling intersection updates as the roadway database changes over time.


Marni Fowler | Research GIS Analyst |Geoplan Center at the University of Florida

Marni Fowler is a research GIS analyst and geospatial developer at the Geoplan Center at the University of Florida. She has extensive experience in building mapping and analytical systems for traffic safety in the State of Florida.

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