City of Madison Wisconsin Intersection Network Screening: Equivalent Property Damage Only (EPDO)


Safety Network Screening was conducted for arterial/collector intersections in the city and surrounding area of Madison, Wisconsin. A total of 4,062 intersections were evaluated. The Equivalent Property Damage Only (EPDO) index was used as safety performance measure to identify and rank roadway facilities for potential safety improvements. Wisconsin CODES data were used to estimate jurisdiction specific intersection crash costs by crash type and severity Following the Highway Safety Manual guidance, the EPDO with Empirical Bayes adjustments was implemented to account for regression to the mean and crash severity. Intersections were ranked according to the magnitude of the EPDO index to identify sites with potential for safety treatment.


Andrea Bill | Associate Researcher | U.W. Madison TOPS Lab

Andrea Bill is a Traffic Safety Engineering Research Program Manager at the Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory and Faculty Associate at Engineering Professional Development at UW-Madison. Her current research incorporates aspects from traffic safety and operations, with a specific emphasis on discovering new and innovative ways to analyze traffic crashes.

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Andrea Bill

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