Collecting and Utilizing Roadway Characteristic Data at the Regional Level

Roadway Data Governance I ppt 


The Acadiana Planning Commission has built a regional data governance group to maintain and integrate roadway data characteristics to use in safety project development. By working with Louisiana DOTD’s existing data sources, the planning commission has formed working relationships with a diverse group of local stakeholders, from public works officials to tax assessors to 911 commissions, to develop and maintain a robust catalog of local roadway data elements to use in safety project development. As part of this effort, the Planning Commission staff is developing a crowdsourcing interface for public works agencies who do not have GIS licensing or training to upload changes in the roadway characteristic data on their local system.


Ashley Moran | Planner II | Acadiana Planning Commission

Ashley Moran is a transportation planner with the Acadiana Planning Commission. She graduated with a Master’s in Urban Planning from the University of New Orleans in 2005 and received her certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners in 2007. Ashley primarily works in data analysis and project development for the Acadiana MPO.

Phillip Breaux | GIS Analyst | Acadiana Planning Commission

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