Developing a Data-Driven Roadway Safety Management System for Connecticut

Connecticut Roadway Safety Management System (CRSMS) I zip


The Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center (CTSRC) is developing a data-driven roadway safety management system for Connecticut DOT. The system is a web-based application that implements the Highway Safety Manual methods. In this presentation we will demonstrate the network screening module, the diagnosis module and the data management module that our team have developed. The network screening module integrates maps and allows identifying locations with the highest potential for safety improvements. The diagnosis module includes a variety of tools – crash map, tabular data, summary statistics, crash trees, collision diagrams, and site condition view – for users to identify potential factors that contribute to the crash patterns.


Shanshan Zhao | | CTSRC

Eric Jackson | | UConn

Kai Wang | | UConn

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Session D – Trinity A
Shanshan Zhao

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