Drugged Driving


Part 1 – Focusing on information from our three year oral fluids project. Presenting information about the use of oral fluids in testing drug impaired driving and statistics that were found from the project. I will go into individual cases presenting the various drugs that were found and the signs the officer was presented with in the subject. I intend to allow the audience to guide the discussion and make it as interactive as possible to describe what is being seen by officers in our area. I expect we will get into medical marijuana with impaired driving as we border MI and see increased cases due to this. If you need me to go into another direction, just let me know.

Part 2 – The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, Forensic Toxicology Section (WSLH), performs alcohol and drug testing for suspected Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) cases throughout the state. Current OWI casework exceeds 18,000 alcohol tests annually with the percent of cases requiring drug testing increasing yearly. This session will focus on current drug trends observed in Wisconsin casework as well as best management practices designed to maximize efficiency, resources and maintain a reduced turnaround time. Included will be examples of administrative policies for cancellation of drug testing, WSLH efforts to evaluate the limitations of this policy and reporting limits on Restricted Controlled Substances in Wisconsin.

Scott Ries – Lt. Scott Ries has 25 years of law enforcement experience and has made 753 OWI arrests during his career.   He is currently working with the Marinette Police Department and has worked there for the last 22 years.  He is a Drug Recognition expert, Standardized Field Sobriety instructor and teaches a variety of educational courses about drugs.  Children are taught with a straight forward approach and encouraged to talk honestly about drugs.  Adults are trained on how to identify drug impaired people in the workplace, grocery store, and in your own family.  He is currently leading a pilot program for oral fluid testing of impaired drivers in the State of Wisconsin.

Lori Edwards – Ms. Edwards received both a Bachelor and a research-based Master of Science degree from UW-LaCrosse and has over 20 years of laboratory experience. She has 10 years of Forensic Toxicology experience supporting law enforcement, prosecutors and Wisconsin Coroner and Medical Examiners regarding testing and interpretation of the behavioral and psychophysical effects of alcohol and other drugs on the human body. She completed the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program with law enforcement and is certified in Forensic Toxicology by the American Board of Forensic Toxicology. To date, Ms. Edwards has served as an expert for approximately 180 trials.

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Scott Ries & Lori Edwards

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