FHWA Safety Data Capabilities Assessment and Performance Management

Second U.S. Roadway Safety Data Capabilities Assessment I ppt

Performance Management I ppt

Measuring and Communicating the impact of The Safety Program I ppt

Roadway Data Governance I ppt


This workshop will address challenges identified in the second safety data capabilities assessment.
• Capabilities Assessment
• Data Governance & Integrations – Case Studies and Solutions Learned
• Performance Management – PM Predictive analysis – Crash Modifications and Benefit Costs


Stuart Thompson | Transportation Specialist | FHWA, Presently working as a Transportation Specialist for FHWA Office of Safety. Previously experience includes NH Safety Engineer and Asst. Director of Utah LTAP. Professional Engineer in NH, education includes MS Engineering and MBA. Managing projects in Safety Data Management, Integration, Data Business Planning and estimation of traffic volumes on non-federal aid roads.

Bob Scopatz I VHB

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Session D – Trinity A
Stuart Thompson

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