Investigating Crash Data Through Data Visualization


Do you know how many impaired male drivers, age 25 to 30 years old, crashed at intersections last year? The Center for Transportation Safety at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute is using Microsoft Power BI, a data visualization software, to explore and answer questions like this. This is an interactive and innovative platform that allows researchers to visualize and investigate crash data. It is an effective way to share data, promote consistency between projects, facilitate quick and easy access to commonly requested crash statistics, and is a useful tool for making presentations. Come SEE what’s in the data.


Marcie Perez | Associate Transportation Researcher | Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Marcie Perez is an Associate Transportation Researcher at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Ms. Perez has more than 20 years of experience in process review, policy and procedural development, data analysis, and technology implantation. Ms. Perez holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology and Master of Education in Educational Psychology. Her current work includes crash data analysis, database management, form and survey development, and technical support to TTI researchers with regard to Texas crash data. Ms. Perez is TTI’s primary resource for obtaining and utilizing TxDOT’s Crash Record Information System data.

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Session B – San Marcos
Marcie Perez

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