Kentucky Traffic Safety Data Services


KTSDS, ITSDS and Other State Crash Resources.

The KTSDS program is a collaborative effort between the University of Kentucky and the Iowa State University, it strives to match experts with individuals searching for Traffic and Safety data in Kentucky. KTSDS matches those seeking data with experts who can not only provide it, but who can offer expertise and insight into the proper use of the data.

It was modeled after the ITSDS and developed by the University of Kentucky with help from Iowa State University.

We would like to share details of the beginning of these programs, the benefits of collaboration between UK and ISU, and lessons we’ve learned in rolling them out.


Paul Ross | IT & Analysis | Kentucky Transportation Center

Tony Fields | Researcher | Kentucky Transportation Center

Zachary Hans | Senior Research Engineer | Iowa State University

Hossein Naraghi | RESEARCH ENGINEER | Iowa State University

Reginald Souleyrette | Professor, Commonwealth Chair in Transportation Engineering, Department Chair | University of Kentucky

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Session A – San Antonio
Paul Ross

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