Lousiana: The first state to roll-out a digital driver’s license


Several states have been piloting a digital driver’s license. Louisiana has leap-frogged them all and has become the first state in the union to offer a state-police and legislatively approved digital driver’s license. With over 310,000 citizens using it and loads of citizen feedback and reviews, this roll-out has brought to light numerous use cases that were never anticipated. Learn how Security, Adoption, and Safety are fighting for top billing with the deployment of LA Wallet. There will be live demonstrations of the app and its age- and identity- verification function, VerifyYou.


Calvin Fabre | Integrator | Envoc, 

Calvin Fabre is the founder and President of Envoc, (pronounced: “invoke”), a 25-person mobile software development and hosting firm. He is also co-founder and creator of LA Wallet, the first legal digital driver’s license app in the United States.

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