Methodology for Versioning a Geospatial Crash Location Database


Identification and analysis of high crash locations typically use many years of historic crash data that require association of crashes to the roadway segments and intersections. This association present a challenge given the roadway data change over time. Crash geocoding on a versioned roadway base map presents some unique migration challenges, such as what to do when a segment is split or merged, roadway geometry changes, or intersections are added or removed. This presentation shares some of the challenges involved in migrating a large volume of incident data from one baseline map to another in a timely manner, possible solutions to avoid repetitive human intervention, and lessons learned from having gone through the process.


Ilir Bejleri | Associate Professor | University of Florida, 

Ilir Bejleriis an Associate Professor and Co-Director of GeoPlan Center at the department of Urban and Regional Planning at University of Florida. Dr. Bejleri specializes in the use of geospatial technologies in transportation information systems. Dr. Bejleri has conceptualized and directed the development of GIS-based systems for mapping and analysis of crashes and citations such as Signal Four Analytics and Geolocation system for the State of Florida.

Daniel Brown 

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