Practical Data Integration

Abstract: This will be a panel discussion with 2-4 speakers and audience participation to address the practical aspects of traffic records integration. We’ll touch on the advantages and benefits that can be achieved (with specific examples), we’ll cover a variety of examples, touching on such integrating such data sets as driver registration, citations, as well as the “classics” of roadway features and injury surveillance.

We will cover the pragmatics of why and how. We’ll also set the stage for follow-up regular data integration webinars over the course of the next year.

Joe McCarthy –   Joe McCarthy (PMP) is a Project Manager / System Engineer specializing in integrating traffic records to optimize Traffic Safety investment decisions to reduce crashes. Joe has has been the state Traffic Records Project Manager for 8 years. He has been instrumental in the development of a safety “Data Warehouse” and in integrating Safety Management and Asset Management. He has presented multiple times at Traffic Records Forums, as well at WASHTO and AASHTO Asset Management conferences. As an engineer, he wants to pack his presentations full of information. As a Toastmaster, he tries to make them entertaining. The battle between the two produces an eclectic result. Joe holds an engineering Bachelors and Masters from Stanford University.

Session Material

Pragmatic Traffic Records Linkage,.pdf (5,347kb)

Wyoming is Linking Crash & Driver Data, Krawiec .pdf (1,124kb)

Linking Crash and Injury Surveillance Data, Nixon .pdf (1,630kb)

HSM Data Integration, .pdf (1,795kb)

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Joe McCarthy

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