Providing Traffic Safety Data through GIS


Washington College Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program is currently working on a wide variety of projects that span a gamut including environmental analysis, criminal data analysis, and traffic safety analysis. The focus of this presentation is to discuss how the GIS Program is leveraging the powers of GIS to work with law enforcement, emergency medical services, educators, and engineers, throughout the state of Maryland to help reduce fatalities, severe crashes, and crashes overall.


Sean Lynn | GIS Senior Project Manager | Washington College

Sean Lynn is currently the GIS Senior Project Manager with the Washington College GIS Program. Lynn is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in 2014. Lynn has been studying traffic safety and GIS for over four years working closely with Maryland Highway Safety Office and local, county, & state law enforcement to provide statistical & geo-spatial analysis, maps, and training’s in efforts to reduce fatalities and crashes on Maryland roadways.

Alicia Shipley | GIS Analyst II | Washington College GIS Program

Alicia Shipley is a GIS Analyst II at the Washington College GIS Program working on a grant for the Maryland Highway Safety Office. She provides GIS analysis for law enforcement and highway safety professionals on crashes and citations that involve Impaired Driving, Aggressive Driving, Pedestrians/Bicyclists, Distracted Driving, and more. She specializes in creating predictive models and developing high quality visualization analysis through advanced cartography and data visualization techniques. Alicia has recently graduated with her Master’s Degree in Psychology. She has five years of experience in GIS, traffic safety analysis, and data visualization.


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