Reduced Datasets from Roadway Information Database (RID)

Reduced Datasets from Roadway Information Database (RID)


The Roadway Information Database (RID) is part of second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Safety Data that provides roadway information collected on the majority of roadway segments on which Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS) drivers travelled over a three-year period. The RID contains details on roadway variables collected through a mobile van data collection system; traffic and crash history data obtained from States; and weather, work zone, and 511 data obtained from each jurisdiction. This presentation will provide high level descriptions of 10 reduced datasets, potential uses of these datasets for highway safety research, and brief descriptions of six reduced datasets planned for future development.


Yusuf Mohamedshah | Research Highway Safety Specialist | FHWA

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Session B – San Marcos
Yusuf Mohamedshah

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