Roadway Data Extraction Using Open Source Artificial Intelligence Tools for Video Data Processing


TTI is working on a project with the TxDOT Corpus Christi District to determine whether video data that the district collects could be processed using open source artificial intelligence tools to extract roadway data elements. Specifically, TTI is investigating whether MIRE data elements such as surface type, total paved surface width, and shoulder width could be determined by using an open source artificial intelligence algorithm that detects roadway features in a calibrated video stream and automatically records measurements at pre-determined intervals or frames. If successful, TTI plans to expand detection to involve additional data elements such as sidewalk presence, curb type, and driveway count.


Edgar Kraus | Research Engineer | Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Edgar Kraus is a Research Engineer at the TTI San Antonio Research and Implementation Program, and has been with TTI since 2001. Mr. Kraus is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, an affiliate of TRB, and member of ASCE. Mr. Kraus’ primary fields of interest are transportation infrastructure management, data architecture and application development, and spatial data technologies. As principal investigator, he has provided leadership on numerous projects involved with the development of data architectures and prototype data management systems using State and national datasets. Mr. Kraus has provided research leadership and training in data management to various State DOTs and local transportation agencies.

Seth Trojacek | Software Applications Developer I | Texas A&M Transportation Institute

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Edgar Kraus

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