The Utah Crash Data Initiative – A Unified Safety Management System Across Agencies


Four years ago, the Utah Crash Data Initiative (UTAPS-CDI) was started as a way to unify the management of crash records – improving efficiency and data access. UTAPS-CDI is a partnership between the Departments of Transportation and Public Safety with the University of Utah. The initiative developed a content management system built on open source tools, where users conduct data quality control, geo-locate crashes, generate reports, and analyze the data using SQL queries, spatial filters, and free text searches through intuitive interfaces. UTAPS-CDI now also integrates data from EMS, the commercial motor vehicle group at the DOT, and the Utah Highway Patrol, expanding the reach of the initiative with a common goal: improve traffic safety


Juan Medina | Research Assistant Professor | University uf Utah

Carrie Silcox | Division Director | Utah Department of Public Safety

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Session D – Trinity A
Juan Medina

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