The Value of Case Review – Aggregate Data Meets “The Story”

Washington State LOVES Electronic Data Transfer I ppt 
The Value of Case Review – Aggregate Data Meets “The Story”I ppt


Washington State has a legislatively mandated safety council tasked to “review and analyze data related to pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities and serious injuries”. The council adopted a case review model. The case review contains records that are not considered when coding FARS records, such as criminal background checks, and also records that may be used by FARS analysts, such as Reconstructionist reports, but that contain much more detailed information about the event than a coded record could never provide. This presentation will offer scenarios for when case reviews may be an effective tool for informing programs and countermeasures and how to get case reviews going in your state.


Staci Hoff | Research Director | WA Traffic Safety Commission

Staci Hoff, PhD joined the Washington Traffic Safety Commission in 2012 to lead the Research and Data Division. As Research Director, Staci is responsible for maintaining the commission’s data systems, conducting and supporting traffic safety research, and dissemination of traffic safety information to the public she serves. Prior to joining the commission, Staci served as an epidemiologist managing hospital, survey, and vital statistics data systems. Staci is supported by a loving husband and three children, whom she focuses all her spare time on.

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