“There’s an App for that”


The LSU HSRG, working with Tracite, has transformed Louisiana’s Uniform Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Report Manual into an interactive smart phone and mobile device app. The app is aimed at increasing crash data accuracy, completeness, and accessibility by making the Crash Report Manual readily available to police officers at all times. The entire crash report manual was converted into multimedia format and integrated with training videos to make the information more accessible and interactive.


Ron Whittaker | Law Enforcement Expert | La DOTD

Captain with Louisiana State Police, (28 years), Retired
Troop Commander, 6 years
10 Years as a Law Enforcement Expert with LA DOTD
Provides crash data quality training to law enforcement agencies
Helps facilitate the implementation of LA SHSP
Coordinates highway safety activities with LE agencies
Facilitates Traffic Incident Management Training in LA
Responsible for Work Zone Safety Law Enforcement Recertification
Responsible for improving communication/cooperation with law enforcement agencies

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Session A – San Antonio
Ron Whittaker

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