TRCC Roundtable #2

Join TRCC colleagues from around the country to discuss your TRCC’s important issues, challenges, and successes. This session will focus on highlights from the forum, your questions and next steps for continuing TRCC discussions beyond the Forum.

Karla Houston – Louisiana TRCC Coordinator Highway Safety Research Group at LSU,  began her career working as an event planner and fundraiser and more recently, she played a vital role in administration, preparedness and response for the State’s EMS providers. Her work at the HSRG involves strategic planning, coordinating the activities of the State’s TRCC and its committees, and project management. In addition, Karla serves as the Vendor Liaison for ATSIP, recruiting and coordinating with sponsors and exhibitors for the TRF for the last four years.

Luke Johnson – is a Program Analyst with NHTSA’s National Driver Register and Traffic Records Division within the National Center for Statistics and Analysis working on NHTSA’s traffic records assessments, analysis, and assistance programs. His portfolio includes management of the traffic records assessment program, the Department of Transportation’s Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (DOT|TRCC), and serving as NHTSA liaison to the Association of Traffic Safety Information Professionals (ATSIP). Prior to joining NCSA, Mr. Johnson spent three years supporting NHTSA’s Office of International Policy and Harmonization. He holds a MA in Asian Studies from The George Washington University.

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