Using the vPIC tool to improve vehicle type data quality

Using the vPIC Tool to Improve Vehicle Type Data Quality I .pdf


A free tool from NHTSA was used to improve vehicle data accuracy and completeness. Using the batch-processing feature of the NHTSA vPIC VIN decoder tool, detailed vehicle specifications were obtained for each VIN. Vehicle types in the New Mexico crash database were compared to those obtained from the vPIC tool, which helped improve the crash database. This talk will cover the process, tips for determining which vPIC data are reliable, and identifying vehicle types that are reported incorrectly. Additionally, initial analysis shows associations between types of motorcycles (derived from vPIC data) and driver demographics (derived from crash data), which can be used to improve targeting of traffic safety programs.


Jessica Bloom | Research Scientist III | University of New Mexico

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Session D – Trinity A
Jessica Bloom

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