Washington State’s Drugged Driving Data – Time to clean up this mess!

Washington State’s Drugged Driving Data – Time to clean up this mess! I ppt


Washington State has been compiling complete toxicology records to supplement the limited drug information from FARS records. While Washington has been able to use this data for monitoring the impacts of marijuana legalization on traffic safety, the other drug information has remained largely untouched until now. While the formatting and ‘clean-up’ of this drug information is still underway, we will share with you some insights into the full drug picture and what to watch out for if you have or will be getting detailed drug information from a toxicology lab.


Staci Hoff | Research Director | WA Traffic Safety Commission

Staci Hoff, PhD joined the Washington Traffic Safety Commission in 2012 to lead the Research and Data Division. As Research Director, Staci is responsible for maintaining the commission’s data systems, conducting and supporting traffic safety research, and dissemination of traffic safety information to the public she serves. Prior to joining the commission, Staci served as an epidemiologist managing hospital, survey, and vital statistics data systems. Staci is supported by a loving husband and three children, whom she focuses all her spare time on.

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