Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx): Leveraging Infrastructure Data for Safety & Innovation

Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx): Leveraging Infrastructure Data for Safety & Innovation I ppt


Up-to-date information about dynamic conditions occurring on roads can help drivers navigate safely and efficiently. It can also improve safety of public safety and construction workers on the roads. Where it exists, such infrastructure data is difficult and costly to access and use across various jurisdictions. U.S. DOT launched the Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) Project to jump-start the voluntary exchange of consistent work zone data nationwide and address barriers to that exchange. This session will focus on the USDOT’s planned investments among the WZDx, MIRE, the Traffic Incident Management (TIM), and MMUCC to accelerate the development and adoption of an open and common language for road closure data nationwide.


Nate Deshmukh-Towery | Technology Policy Analyst | National Transportation Systems Center

Bob Pollack | Safety Data Program Manager | Federal Highway Administration

Sarah Weissman Pascual | Program Analyst | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Sarah Weissman Pascual is a Program Analyst with NHTSA’s National Driver Register and Traffic Records Division. TR Team responsibilities include: leading the MMUCC 5th Edition update, management of the CDIP and GO Team programs and contracts, management of TR Team websites, coordination of TR assessments for regions 3 and 7, liaison with TRB ABJ20(1) Roadway Safety Data Subcommittee, §405(c) application review, support FMCSA’s PAR Committee adoption of MMUCC, ANSI D16 expert panel, and technical support for TRIPRS functionality and enhancements. She holds a BE in Civil Engineering (transportation engineering) from Vanderbilt University.

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