Wyoming Drastically Improves Crash Location Reporting with On-Site Geolocation Application WIGLS


Wyoming DOT desired to improve the accuracy and completeness of their crash location data recording. Working with Public Safety Officers, DOT staff, & ITIS Corp (consultant), the Wyoming Map-Based Incident Geo-Locating Service (WIGLS) was created.
WIGLS integrates with the State’s crash reporting software & features an intuitive, user-friendly interface for non-technical users (i.e. officers, ambulance drivers, etc.). Users easily record location details, crash types, & other key reporting reqs, on-site. Also incl. web services needed to convert prev. CARE work from Oracle/MapViewer architecture to Oracle/ArcGIS.
Presentation is an overview & update of WIGLS being used state-wide for 6+ months. Incl. perspectives from State & consultant.


Kristi Price | | ITIS Corp,

Kristi Price MBA, is a Business Analyst and Assistant Project Manager for ITIS Corporation, a software solutions development firm, with specialized expertise in the Transportation and Safety sector. Concentrating primarily on State and Local Departments of Transportation (DOT), ITIS Corporation provides a matrix of software tools and services that support a significant portion of the operational work within a DOT.

Stacey Gierisch | Records Data Management Analyst, Supervisor | WYDOT

Joe McCarthy | | Wyoming DOT

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Kristi Price

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