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    <p> Recent years showed a growth of supply in “Master Tape Copies”. These new tapes recorded from original master recordings are considered to be the best possible source Kinesio Taping for Skin Wounds recorded music. I am of the persuasion that a clean stereo audience source would only benefit the listening experience of this one, as the sonic ambiance of crowd noise and reaction always gives a show a nice shot in the arm when listening on tape. They were either market specific models or were only made in low numbers so they hardly ever show up for sale on the second hand market. The second help came from engineer Bretz from radio manufacturing firm Philco who invited TEAC to perform a demonstration of their products at the Far East Audio Club where 50 TD-102 were sold. It was available as OPTONICA RT-9 in Japan, OPTONICA RT-9100 the rest of the world, while the black version was OPTONICA RT-6905 that came with an additional programable timer unit. Instead of the usual rec/playback sandwich head this model uses an independent playback head while the recording head is sandwitched together with the erase head and there is azimuth control for the recording head. The reason to do this was that a linear tape recorder did not have sufficient bandwidth to record large volumes of PCM data while video recorders were available both for studio and home use and the rotary video heads used in a video recorder had sufficient bandwidth to do this.</p>
    <p> The Bang&Olufsen Beocord 6000 reel to reel tape recorder was designed by Jakob Jensen in 1969 as part of the future Beosystem 6000 (initially Topline System). The system presented here is the AKAI PRO-2022 from 1981. This is a 1145 mm high and 584 mm wide metallic rack where the components are mounted with the use of additional rack ears that first had to be fitted to the components. Here are some ideas we discussed–what would you recommend? Here is a selection of vertical standing cassette decks by various manufacturers. AKAI GX-F37 cassette deck. AKAI AP-Q80C Quartz Direct Drive turntable fitted with Ortofon LMB 12 cartridge. Therefore, all your previous backed up data is accessible with Sony SDT-11000 drive. Imation 41089 LTO 1 tape, give an excellent quality cartridge which is especially designed for long term working ability and protection of archival data. The LTO Ultrium thinking of open standard has guarantees the backing of a broad choice of tape drives, media, and automation libraries, for an extraordinary height of contest within a single format. Several companies offer tapes like these on large (26.5 cm) open reel tape format recorded in 2 track Stereo format with prices that begin at 300 Euro.</p>
    <p> Before the introduction of a standardized format to record digital audio to a tape (the DAT recorder) the practice was to use a PCM adapter (pulse code modulation) connected to a video recorder to record the digital audio signal to tape. 4 head. Yes it is a genuine 3 head recorder with monitor function however there was a 4th head that recorded signals to the tape for a sophisticated music search system. As summer is approaching and the temperature is rising, there isn’t long left until it’s time to get the barbeques and hot tubs out. The all silver and silver/black front reel to reel tape recorder on the other hand was planned to be manufactured as Beocord 6000 but it seems that there were only 6 units manufactured in 1971 with all black front and called Beocord 5000. It seems that the ideea of a new tape recorder was abandoned as compact cassette gained more popularity and finally the Beocord 5000 became a cassette deck to partner the Beomaster 6000 receiver. Released in 1977 this cassette deck uses heads from WOELKE (Germany) mounted on a full die-cast chasis.</p>
    <p> TEAC founded TASCAM, the professional division of TEAC and it was the TASCAM 80-8 tape deck that was used to record the voices of R2-D2 and C3PO in the making of the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope in 1977. This was not the first time that a TEAC recorder was used to record important events in history. The two brothers in 1956 founded Tokyo Electronic Acoustic Company and finally merging the two in 1964 to form the modern day TEAC Corporation. TEAC Corporation was originally founded as Tokio Television Acoustic Company on 8th of August 1953 by Katsuma and Tomoma Tani. In 1957 the CEO and the chief engineer of Lafayette Radio Electronics visited the newly estabilished Tokyo Electronic Acoustic Company where Tani showed them the prototype of the TD-102. The first mass produced product was the TD-102. TEAC’s A-4010 4 track home tape deck became TEAC’s best selling product with sales in excess of 200,000 units with the A-6010 securing TEAC’s position as one of the best tape deck makers in the world.</p>

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