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    <p> Hauling livestock requires more than understanding of health and safety issues, hard work and willingness to help in handling animals, it requires special livestock trucks. I followed that post with two additional posts, merely giving more examples of the truck lettering variations I chose to apply. Starting with a two to three inch lift kit is considered as the best option for first timers. Obviously in my modeling year of 1953, long before 1969, all three companies, Time, D-C, and LASME, were independent and operating under their own names. I repeat my comment, that I believe highway trucks offer us another modeling tool to depict the region and era represented by our layouts. Their huge lettering on trailers, decades before the era of “supergraphics,” were really eye-catching. My impression is that modelers of any era after World War II will find truck lettering that they can use. These vehicles can carry at least 4 fully armed operators and their gear, and can be armed with assorted light firearms including machine guns and/or grenade launchers. This is part of making sure the layout looks at least a little different every time people visit.</p>
    <p> This test has become an important part of what I now do as part of a rookie test or else a “return-to-service test.” I couple up a string of cars, some that are being tested, along with some already qualified, and use a locomotive to run them back and forth through a sequence of the diverging sides of turnouts, at slow speed and then at faster speeds, to see if they behave. I also added Signal Gasoline emblems on the sides and rear. This tractor is yellow, but Signal used black tractors too. With the tank body yellow, I applied the Graphics on Demand lettering for Signal, a little different from what you see above, bu certainly in the same ballpark. I think the prototype trailers repair service minneapolis mn were probably a lighter yellow, but decided to go with the bright color anyway. I don’t know for sure that this company used aluminum (rather than green) roofs, but the photos I was able to find on the internet for this prototype were ambiguous, so I am going with this. With a coat of flat over it, you would find it hard to detect the lettering sheet. Minimal upgrading had been done to it, retaining its molded-on grab irons and sill steps, but with a reasonable paint and lettering job, as well as weathering.</p>
    <p> Buyers have the opportunity to view both manufacturers’ as well as dealers’ websites and go through trucks being sold according to their model and make. In the 1990s, Rivarossi acquired a number of other European model railroad manufacturers such as Lima and Jouef, then in turn entered bankruptcy in 2004, and were acquired by England’s Hornby. Edmonton is filled with a number of truck, car and SUV dealerships for its residents to choose from for their automobile needs. His past build, a ’99 S-10 power truck, went through many phases; the Dime went under the knife so often because Rico was never quite satisfied, so he finally broke down and purchased an ’04 crew cab Chevy to tow his precious power diesel truck S-10 around to shows. I wanted also to model a tank truck, partly so I could represent another regional oil company. The initial engine was the Ford 170 cu in (2.8 L) straight-6, modified with solid valve lifters, a six-US-quart oil pan, heavy-duty fuel pump, oil-bath air cleaner, and a carburetor with a float bowl compensated against tilting.</p>
    <p> Such customization options allow business owners to explore more with how they can improve the reliability and efficiency of fuel lube trucks. It isn’t just fuel consumption savings which make many LGV trucks an enviable proposition today. Whatever be the outcome, never make hasty decisions because you’re investing in a sizeable amount of money and one wrong decision can mean all that money washed down the drain. I like to have a whole group of tractors and semi-trailers that can be mixed and matched on the roads of my layout, and can be varied from operating session to session. Awhile back, I wrote a group of posts for this blog, about ways I have approached the modeling of highway trucks. I was able to find an Ulrich tank trailer on eBay awhile back, and cleaned it up preparatory to a coat of primer. With a coat of flat over this, the glossy stick-on graphics pretty much disappear.</p>

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