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    <p> There were some requests for less data on top decks by some players, and I was of course happy to oblige. With this set there is going to be a lot of playable cards with this effect and as such we will likely start to see more support for it in red decks with cards like Sylvan Library. This is exactly the thing white weenie needed to start gaining some ground back in the midrange heavy cube at present. In order to find the best DJ controller, you need to start by first considering what type of DJ you want to be, and what kind of set up you want to be. Installing this type of lighting to the deck is an easy process. Not a powerful card at all but sometimes you are building a heaving synergy deck and this is the exact piece of filler you need. In a planeswalker heavy deck with enchantment synergy this card might have a place, Steel Decking it might get away with no planeswalkers and heavy enchantment synergy but it needs something, in islation this card is quite a way off the mark of playable card. A 2/1 flier for two can come down on curve and get on with beating down fairly reliably.</p>
    <p> This can hit pretty good, you can get Ugin and Nicol Bolas in theory which is quite the return on mana! I also have way more one mana burn spells than I do two mana burn spells. Exiling two things is great, it is an out to a lot of things and makes you a lot less worried about your big threat sticking around. It is very easy to just destroy those cards if they tap out. Not wildly exciting as the main function of the card but very interesting indeed to just have as a thing on a card you can tap into for 1 extra mana. 2 is pretty big and will give you a serious threat or take out a planeswalker when they were not expecting it but at five mana you can do a lot more and don’t need to have a dork in play. Obviously a five mana 5/6 flier that kills almost any dork in the cube when it comes into play is amazing and alone would be one of blacks top dorks.</p>
    <p> The third prong is that their decks will not be build accounting for the Seer and may well punish them, against certain ramp and cheaty big dork decks it will almost be a direct hoser. Obviously it is the awkward use it now red style draw which is a pain for some decks and cards but very easy to build around. Simic Charm seems really good however I am yet to build a deck where I think “I need the things Simic Charm offers”. In fact, this investor pitch deck actually helped them raise money at a $5 billion valuation. Brainstorm is a key spell in the deck but at four mana the redundancy for it from Jace is not worth it alone. Exile will periodically give immense swings in the game when it lands on those key creatures. All the best removal is exile and a lot of the best creatures are ones you really want to exile. Very good. Probably the next best 3 mana walker after Lili and Ashiok. A 3 mana sorcery speed Edict is mostly what we have here. To make up for all of these failings compared to Diabolic or Chainers Edict the Oath of Liliana is an enchantment allowing for some bonus synergies.</p>
    <p> The final thing we have here is a free 2/2 zombie for every planeswalker you make subsequent to the Oath. So let us talk about the ability to turn any card in your hand in to a free counterspell, like a super Distorting Shoal. Add to that the highly desirable exile for free and you have a highly desirable card. While I suspect the bestow will be used infrequently in a cube environment it will transform the worst of dorks into a decent threat when it is while offering card advantage at the same time. There are some things like Carnophage, some of the worst aggressive one drops still in the cube. Bow offers more utility and is not dependent on you having land drops. 2 does scale nicely with flashback, delve and other graveyard themed mechanics but the overlap of such cards is such that you are rarely having enough to make Liliana worth playing on the merits of her -2 alone. This is enough better than Char, Flame Javelin and Brimstone Volley that it will be my go to 3 mana burn card of choice. It rounds out the burn options in red very nicely with two drop burn having plenty enough instant cards already.</p>

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