ATSIP, the Association of Transportation Safety Information Professionals, is the leading advocate for improving the quality and use of transportation safety information, often called ‘traffic records.’ Our activities are supported by governments, academic and professional associations, and private sector partners.

ATSIP’s membership consists of professionals from local, state and federal government agencies, including Departments of Transportation, Public Safety, and Highway Safety Offices, as well as law enforcement agencies, private sector professionals, and partners from academia and university research centers.


ATSIP aspires to be the International Traffic Records Coordinating Committee – promoting sound policies, models, practices and technology to produce widely available high-quality traffic records data and information used for effective safety policy-making and program implementation.


To improve the quality of traffic records – to make them timely, accurate, consistent, complete, accessible, and integrated – and to encourage their use to select, implement and evaluate safety programs and policies throughout the world.


To provide a forum for communicating traffic records improvement strategies among all interested disciplines, organizations, and governments and to use its combined expertise to recommend strategies, standards, policies and programs.


ATSIP’s organization consists of an executive Board and professional members. Its activities are supported by governments, academic and professional associations, and private sector partners. To get to know the team that makes up ATSIP, view our Team page here.



ATSIP is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to further the development and sharing of traffic records system procedures, tools, and to promote professionalism in the field of traffic records. Over the years, we have evolved over time, technology, and adapted to changing need. Click through the years from the early 1900s to the present day to discover more of ATSIP’s beginnings.

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