Announcing Ashley Nylen as our Tuesday Luncheon Speaker



Ashley Nylen, PMP
Connected and Autonomous Technologies Program Manager

Ashley Nylen is the Connected and Autonomous Technologies Program Manager for the Colorado Department of Transportation. Ms. Nylen is responsible for the programmatic research, development, and initiatives related to the development of Colorado’s network for connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. Currently, her work focuses on understanding and enabling a digital infrastructure that can improve safety and mobility in Colorado, by leveraging technology and data. Prior to joining CDOT, Ms. Nylen served as the Director of Automated Driving Systems Research at the National Advanced Driving Simulator at the University of Iowa. During her time there, she oversaw the USDOT designated automated vehicle proving ground in Eastern Iowa, served as the lead project manager for efforts with the Iowa DOT, and led research related to advanced driver assistance systems and higher levels of vehicle technology. Ms. Nylen will discuss how the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has leveraged technology and data in their daily operation. She will discuss how CDOT has prepared for and deployed various new technologies and data within the State of Colorado.


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